Combiner Operator Job

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Combiner Operator Job

COMBINER OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Sets up and operates machine to combine two or more continuous sheets of material, such as paper, paperboard, foil, and plastic film, to form such laminated products as building paper, fiberboard, wallboard, or material from which metallic yarn is slit: Mounts rolls of materials in machine, using hoist. 2. Threads materials over and under guide rollers, around cooling drum, and to rewinder core. 3. Starts pumps to transfer adhesive solution from storage tanks to machine. 4. Starts machine, observes gauges, and adjusts controls to maintain temperature and pressure of rollers, temperature of adhesive, filling of cooling drum, functioning of doctor blade, and speed of machine. 5. Inspects samples of laminated products for defects, such as wrinkles and thick spots. 6. May test specific gravity of adhesive solution, using hydrometer. 7. May attach ends of new material to material in machine with tape. 8. May set up and operate machine to extrude polyethylene film, combine film with paper or aluminum foil, and print design on processed laminated paper used for wrapping materials and be designated Polyethylene Combiner.


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