Color Developer Job

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Color Developer Job

COLOR DEVELOPER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Develops formulas for paper-coloring dye and prepares directions for mixing dye with pulp to produce colored paper to specifications or customer’s sample: Determines composition of color sample, using spectrophotometer. 2. Mixes pulp with water, size, filler, and other ingredients to make sample furnish of type and quality of paper specified. 3. Weighs and mixes pigments to prepare dye, and mixes dye with furnish. 4. Pours furnish on screen to make handsheet sample. 5. Compares color of handsheet with color sample, visually or with spectrophotometer. 6. Calculates weights and proportions of pigments and other materials required to make production batch of dye and prepares formulas and mixing directions for COATING-MIXER TENDER. 7. Prepares directions for BEATER ENGINEER for mixing dye with furnish. 8. Prepares spectrophotometer charts on dye materials. 9. Observes procedures of production staff in mixing dye with furnish and reviews laboratory reports to investigate causes of substandard colored paper. 10. Consults with and advises production staff regarding technical problems in mixing colors and making colored paper to improve formulas and improve production methods.


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