Color Checker, Roving Or Yarn Job

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Color Checker, Roving Or Yarn Job

COLOR CHECKER, ROVING OR YARN JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tests dyed roving or yarn to determine fastness of dye and uniformity of color: Winds specified quantity of yarn or roving onto reel and binds sample skein with bleached cloth band. 2. Boils test sample in detergent solution for specified length of time. 3. Dries sample in humidity and temperature controlled drier. 4. Winds dried sample onto sample card and compares test sample with standard sample to detect variations in color. 5. Examines bleached cloth band for bleeding of dyes. 6. Records test results and reports variations from standards to MANAGER, QUALITY CONTROL. 7. Files samples according to color and type of material.


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