Coke Loader Job

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Coke Loader Job

COKE LOADER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Operates equipment, such as conveyor or winch to transfer coke to railroad cars and trucks: Notifies switching department to deliver specified type of car. 2. Estimates and records amount of coke in bins. 3. Starts conveyor and operates winch to position car under boom-conveyor for loading. 4. Inspects boarding and locking of open-top box cars and wedging of side drop and hopper cars to prevent loss of coke in transit. 5. Observes and records car number, carrier, customer, tonnage, and grade and condition of coke. 6. Signals INDUSTRIAL-LOCOMOTIVE OPERATOR to move loaded cars. 7. Oils, lubricates, and adjusts conveyors, crushers, and other equipment, using handtools and lubricating equipment. 8. Cleans spillage from tracks, walks, driveways, and conveyor decking, using airhose, broom, and shovel. 9. Cleans hoppers, using bar.


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