Coin-machine Collector Job

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Coin-machine Collector Job

COIN-MACHINE COLLECTOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Collects coins or coin boxes from parking meters or telephone pay stations: Unlocks telephone faceplate and removes box containing money. 2. Inserts empty box and locks faceplate. 3. Tags boxes to identify pay stations. 4. Reports malfunctioning telephones or parking meters to repair department. 5. Delivers boxes to central depot for machine counting, tabulating, and customer payment. 6. May count coins and compute amount due subscriber, according to difference between minimum guaranteed rate and total cash in box. 7. May pay subscriber percentage refund. 8. May adjust or repair parking meters, using handtools. 9. May keep records of collections, balances due, and refunds. 10. May be designated according to type of equipment involved as Parking-Meter-Coin Collector; Telephone Coin-Box Collector.


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