Coin-counter-and-wrapper Job

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Coin-counter-and-wrapper Job

COIN-COUNTER-AND-WRAPPER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Sorts, counts, and wraps coins, using various machines: Sorts coins according to denomination, using coin-separating machine. 2. Removes counterfeit and mutilated coins. 3. Feeds coins into hopper of counting machine that counts and bags them. 4. Removes, seals, and weighs bags of counted coins. 5. Wraps coins, using coin-wrapping machine, and places rolls of coins into bags or boxes for distribution. 6. Records machine totals, shortages or overages, and kind and value of coins removed from circulation. 7. Verifies totals against deposit slips or other documents and prepares coins for shipment. 8. May sort, count, and wrap paper money by hand or machine.


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