Cocoa-press Operator Job

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Cocoa-press Operator Job

COCOA-PRESS OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Operates one or more hydraulic cocoa presses that remove specified amounts of cocoa butter from chocolate liquor: Starts pump to remove liquor from storage to steam-heated tanks. 2. Observes thermometers and sets thermostat to heat liquor to specified temperature. 3. Sets pressure gauge and stroke of ram on cocoa press, according to specifications, using handtools. 4. Starts press to activate ram that automatically fills pots with chocolate liquor, extrudes specified amounts of cocoa butter into holding tank, and ejects cocoa cakes onto conveyor. 5. Records weight of cocoa butter as indicated on scale-equipped holding tank. 6. May start pump to move cocoa butter into storage tank through filters or centrifugal separator to remove cocoa residue. 7. May fill pots, remove and stack cocoa cakes, and install steel and fiber separator pads by hand when machine is nonautomatic.


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