Cocoa-powder-mixer Operator Job

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Cocoa-powder-mixer Operator Job

COCOA-POWDER-MIXER OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends machine that mixes dry ingredients to make cocoa blends and dairy powder mixes: Weighs out specified amounts of ingredients, such as sugar, powdered milk, and cocoa, according to formula, and dumps ingredients into mixing machine. 2. Starts machine that mixes ingredients for specified length of time. 3. Opens machine valve and starts conveyor to transfer mixed batch to storage. 4. Collects sample of completed mix for laboratory analysis. 5. May add ingredients and remix batch, according to laboratory recommendation. 6. May be designated according to product mixed as Dairy-Powder-Mixer Operator. 7. May tend panel-controlled conveyorized system that transfers measured amounts of ingredients from respective bins to continuous mixing machine and be designated Quick-Mixer Operator.


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