Cocoa-bean Roaster I Job

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Cocoa-bean Roaster I Job

COCOA-BEAN ROASTER I JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Operates one or more roasters to remove moisture and impart specified color and flavor to cocoa beans: Adjusts thermostat and fuel valve to heat roasters to specified temperature. 2. Observes temperature chart to ascertain heat pattern of roaster. 3. Pulls handle to open hopper and drop beans into roaster. 4. Starts roaster cylinder rotating to roast beans evenly. 5. Examines sample of beans for color, dryness, or brittleness after specified roasting cycle, and tastes bean to judge if flavor conforms to standard. 6. Adjusts roaster flame and dampers to control circulation of hot air on basis of evaluation of sample. 7. Pulls handle when desired degree of roasting is reached to discharge beans onto conveyor that transfers beans to cracking and fanning machine. 8. Records amounts of beans roasted. 9. May tend bean-cleaning machine.


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