Cocoa-bean Cleaner Job

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Cocoa-bean Cleaner Job

COCOA-BEAN CLEANER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends machine that removes from cocoa beans, such foreign materials as stones, string and dirt: Selects bags of cocoa beans, according to instructions and transfers them to hopper of machine, using handtruck; or presses button to start conveyors that move beans from silo to hopper. 2. Opens bags with knife and dumps beans into machine hopper. 3. Positions conveyor spout to direct cleaned beans to specified silo for storage. 4. Starts conveyors and machine that carry beans through air-cleaning system to remove foreign matter. 5. Observes cleaning process to detect machine malfunction or material overflow. 6. Removes and stacks sacks of dirt from discharge spout of air-cleaning system. 7. Examines silo to verify conveyance of specified type of bean.


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