Coating-machine Operator I Job

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Coating-machine Operator I Job

COATING-MACHINE OPERATOR I JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Operates machine to coat cloth, paper, or other sheet material used in production of artificial leather and other coated fabrics: Installs uncoated sheeting roll on machine brackets, using hoist, or threads sheeting from calender machine through coating machine rollers onto takeup roll. 2. Operates sewing machine to join uncoated roll to end of processed roll, and cuts material at seam after seam passes through coating and drying units. 3. Adjusts doctor blade or roller clearance to produce coating of specified thickness. 4. Starts machine when dryer temperature reaches specified setting. 5. Turns valves to control flow of coating solution onto sheeting, or applies solution to fabric surface, using dipper and bucket. 6. Observes process to prevent slippage of sheeting from width guides and turns guides and moves machine controls to correct such defects as streaks, wrinkles, and turned edges in material being processed. 7. Applies gummed tape to repair holes or tears in sheeting. 8. May be designated according to type of coating applied as Dull-Coat-Mill Operator; Finish-Coat-Mill Operator; First-Coat Operator. 9. May remove coated rolls from machine, using hoist.


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