Coater Operator Job

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Coater Operator Job

COATER OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Operates roll-coating machine and auxiliary equipment to coat coils of sheet metal, flat metal blanks, or fabricated metal parts with paint, vinyl plastic, or adhesive film: Positions coiled metal strip on mandrel of feed reel or places metal blanks onto feed carriage of machine. 2. Feeds coils of sheet metal into take-up rolls of stitching machine. 3. Starts stitching machine that staples strips together to form endless metal strip. 4. Turns control dials of machines to regulate speed of metal strip, temperature of drying ovens, and flow of chemicals that maintain specified viscosity of solutions in cleaning tanks. 5. Mixes paint or coating solution to specified viscosity and starts equipment to pump mixture into machine reservoir. 6. Turns setscrews to adjust distance between coating rollers that control thickness of coating. 7. Measures thickness of coating to test viscosity, using wet film gauge. 8. Starts pump that fills printing machine reservoir. 9. Adjusts printing cylinder that prints designs on painted metal strip and hydraulic pressure valve of laminating machine that applies plastic vinyl or adhesives to heated metal strip. 10. Turns valve to control spray of water in quenching process that tempers paint, adhesives, or plastic vinyl. 11. Presses pedal of shear machine to cut metal strips. 12. Pushes reel lever to rewind coated metal strip into coil. 13. Examines coated metal workpieces for defects, such as air bubbles or uncoated surfaces.


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