Coagulation Operator Job

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Coagulation Operator Job

COAGULATION OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Controls equipment, such as coagulation tanks, soap conversion tanks, leach tanks, filters, screens, hammer mills, and pneumatic conveyors to coagulate synthetic rubber latex into rubber crumb slurry and to prepare rubber crumbs for finishing processes: Turns valves, starts feed pumps, and adjusts flow-controlling and proportioning devices in supply lines to control flow of latex and of solutions to creaming and coagulating tanks. 2. Adjusts recirculating pumps to control overflow of creamed latex to coagulating tank and of coagulated slurry to soap conversion tank to convert soap to fatty acid and extract fatty acid. 3. Regulates tank stirring mechanisms to mix contents and controls temperatures and acid concentration by automatic recorder-controllers. 4. Observes appearance of crumbs through sight glasses and regulates operation of filters, shaker screens, and hammer mills to remove moisture from and pelletize rubber crumbs for finishing processes. 5. Records data on coagulation logsheets. 6. May prepare brine, acid, and other solutions used.


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