Cloth-finishing-range Tender Job

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Cloth-finishing-range Tender Job

CLOTH-FINISHING-RANGE TENDER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends intermediate units of cloth or other textile goods desizing, bleaching, dyeing, or finishing ranges, such as washboxes, tenter frame, drying cans, and curing ovens: Turns valves to admit steam, water, and chemicals to washboxes and chemical troughs. 2. Patrols area between entry and terminal units to detect faulty operation of equipment. 3. Turns knobs to adjust temperature in drying and curing units and to regulate speed of motor-driven rollers, according to specifications. 4. Reports grease spots, holes, and tears in cloth to operator of range. 5. Disentangles tear-outs, rethreads unit, and sews torn cloth, using portable sewing machine. 6. May mix chemicals or dyes. 7. May test strength of chemical solutions by titration or with hydrometer. 8. May be designated according to process as Cloth-Bleaching-Range Tender; Cloth-Desizing-Range Tender; Cloth-Dyeing-Range Tender; Tire-Fabric-Impregnating-Range Tender.


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