Cloth-finishing-range Operator, Chief Job

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Cloth-finishing-range Operator, Chief Job

CLOTH-FINISHING-RANGE OPERATOR, CHIEF JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Controls range consisting of units, such as chemical or dye pads, washboxes, steamboxes, J-boxes, tenter frames, curing ovens, and drying cans to desize, bleach, dye, or finish cloth and other textile goods: Lines up cloth to be processed according to priority, style, and width. 2. Gives directions to CLOTH FEEDER; CLOTH-FINISHING-RANGE TENDER; and BACK TENDER engaged in tending range units to ensure that desizing, bleaching, dyeing, or other finishing processes conform to specifications. 3. Tests chemical solutions by titration or with hydrometer to detect variation in strength and notifies mixing department to add required quantity of chemicals or water according to test results and specifications. 4. Observes control panel and equipment to detect faulty operation and adjusts controls to synchronize motor-driven rollers. 5. Records test results, style numbers, and yardage of cloth processed. 6. May inspect cloth. 7. May be designated according to process controlled as Cloth-Bleaching-Range Operator, Chief; Cloth-Desizing-Range Operator, Chief; Cloth-Dyeing-Range Operator, Chief.


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