Cloth Designer Job

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Cloth Designer Job

CLOTH DESIGNER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Originates designs for fabrication of cloth, specifying weave pattern, color, and gauge of thread, to create new fabrics according to functional requirements and fashion preferences of consumers: Develops new ideas for fabrics, utilizing knowledge of textiles and fashion trends. 2. Consults with technical and merchandising staff to obtain design ideas, and to estimate consumer acceptance of new types of fabrics. 3. Sketches designs for patterns on graph paper, using water colors, brushes, pens, and rulers, or prepares written instructions to specify details, such as finish, color, and construction of fabric. 4. Examines fabricated sample on loom and modifies design as required. 5. May be designated according to product designed as Rug Designer; Woven-Label Designer.


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