Clipper Job

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Clipper Job

CLIPPER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Separates chain-sewn or knitted articles, such as garment parts, textile bags, or curtains, prior to assembly into completed article: Clips connecting threads or material between articles, using scissors or knife, or guides connecting thread or material under rotary cutter to separate articles. 2. Pulls ends of thread from knitted part and twists threads around revolving wheel to separate individual parts from chain-knitted strip. 3. May sort, count, and store separated articles in bins according to style, color, and size. 4. May be designated according to article separated as Collarette Separator; Collar Separator; Cotton-Bag Clipper; Cuff Separator; Jute-Bag Clipper; Rib-Trim Separator. 5. May be designated: Sleeve Separator.


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