Clip-and-hanger Attacher Job

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Clip-and-hanger Attacher Job

CLIP-AND-HANGER ATTACHER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Attaches clamps, clips, and hangers to precut fiberboard backing for mirrors, using handtools, power-driven tools, and riveting machine: Places backing on table. 2. Marks location of clamps, clips, or hangers, using tape measure, template, and pencil. 3. Drills holes at marked locations with electric hand drill. 4. Attaches clamps, clips, or hangers to backing, using pneumatic screwdriver. 5. Attaches support brackets to backing when mirrors are to be attached to furniture, using riveting machine and handtools. 6. Places gummed felt pads over exposed screwheads and rivets to protect mirror finish. 7. Glues hanging instruction labels to back. 8. Stacks completed mirror backs on pallet.


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