Clicking-machine Operator Job

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Clicking-machine Operator Job

CLICKING-MACHINE OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Operates clicking machine to cut out parts from leather or similar materials for articles, such as gloves, shoes, and small leather products, according to finish, grain, and pattern of material: Selects material and cutting dies according to specifications on work ticket. 2. Turns handwheel to adjust depth of cut of clicking machine ram according to thickness of material and die. 3. Lays material on cutting block and positions dies on material to match grain and weave of adjacent parts and to obtain desired cuts. 4. Pulls horizontally swinging ram over dies to cut out parts. 5. Counts parts to verify quantity against work ticket. 6. May bundle parts and mark identification data on top part, using pencil. 7. May smooth wooden cutting block, using hand plane or rasp. 8. May cut out parts, using knife. 9. May cut out shoe parts to repair shoes damaged in processing and be designated Cripple Cutter. 10. May be designated according to material or article as Leather Cutter.


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