Clearing-house Clerk Job

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Clearing-house Clerk Job

CLEARING-HOUSE CLERK JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Compiles settlement data and submits checks, drafts, and other items to clearinghouse association for exchange and settlement with other banks: Sorts items into bundles, lists items, and totals amounts, using adding machine or calculator. 2. Posts totals to clearinghouse settlement sheet. 3. Mails or delivers items to clearinghouse. 4. Accepts items from clearinghouse that have been drawn on own bank and posts totals on settlement sheet. 5. Totals debit and credit columns and computes net balance. 6. Submits sheet to clearinghouse for verification. 7. May maintain telephone contact with bank personnel and others to locate missing checks, correct errors, and reconcile differences in records.


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