Cleaner, Housekeeping Job

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Cleaner, Housekeeping Job

CLEANER, HOUSEKEEPING JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Cleans rooms and halls in commercial establishments, such as hotels, restaurants, clubs, beauty parlors, and dormitories, performing any combination of following duties: Sorts, counts, folds, marks, or carries linens. 2. Makes beds. 3. Replenishes supplies, such as drinking glasses and writing supplies. 4. Checks wraps and renders personal assistance to patrons. 5. Moves furniture, hangs drapes, and rolls carpets. 6. Performs other duties as described under CLEANER I Master Title. 7. May be designated according to type of establishment cleaned as Beauty Parlor Cleaner; Motel Cleaner; or according to area cleaned as Sleeping Room Cleaner.


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