Cleaner, Commercial Or Institutional Job

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Cleaner, Commercial Or Institutional Job

CLEANER, COMMERCIAL OR INSTITUTIONAL JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Keeps premises of office building, apartment house, or other commercial or institutional building in clean and orderly condition: Cleans and polishes lighting fixtures, marble surfaces, and trim, and performs duties described in CLEANER I Master Title. 2. May cut and trim grass, and shovel snow, using power equipment or handtools. 3. May deliver messages. 4. May transport small equipment or tools between departments. 5. May setup tables and chairs in auditorium or hall. 6. May be designated according to duties performed as Hall Cleaner; Light-Fixture Cleaner; Marble Cleaner; Metal Polisher; Paint Cleaner; or according to equipment used as Scrubbing-Machine Operator.


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