Clean-rice Grader And Reel Tender Job

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Clean-rice Grader And Reel Tender Job

CLEAN-RICE GRADER AND REEL TENDER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends machines that clean, grade, and polish rice: Turns wheels of feeder box to regulate amount of rice on cleaning screen. 2. Adjusts air valve to regulate air draft that removes dust and straw from rice on screen. 3. Regulates air suction in aspirator that cools rice and removes bran. 4. Observes rice passing through reels that separate brewer’s rice from rice screenings and head rice. 5. Adjusts rice grader to ensure required separation of rice screenings from head rice. 6. Tends machine that mixes water and corn syrup used as rice polish. 7. Opens outlet in mixer to permit polish to flow into auger mixer and polish rice.


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