Clean-out Driller Job

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Clean-out Driller Job

CLEAN-OUT DRILLER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Operates truck-mounted hoist equipped with derrick to clean out and restore old and damaged oil or gas wells: Moves lever to raise derrick over wellhead. 2. Directs CLEAN-OUT-DRILLER HELPER to jack up truck body and to center hoisting cable over borehole. 3. Assembles and attaches cleanout tools to cable, using handtools. 4. Moves winch lever to lower tools into well. 5. Cleans sand, paraffin, or pipe scale from well, using special scaling and bailing tools. 6. Removes debris from well, using bailer. 7. Lowers blocks composed of soft lead or covered with wax, tar, or soap to take impression of broken equipment in well. 8. Lowers grappling tools into well to probe for and remove obstruction, using hoist. 9. Lowers and raises swabbing tool that creates vacuum and draws well fluids through pipe screens and well perforations, using hoist. 10. May be designated according to specific activity as Bailer; Swabber.


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