Clean-out-driller Helper Job

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Clean-out-driller Helper Job

CLEAN-OUT-DRILLER HELPER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Cleans out and restores old or damaged gas or oil wells, using handtools, as assistant to CLEAN-OUT DRILLER: Unloads cleanout tools and equipment at well site. 2. Levels truck bed at wellhead and aligns hoist cable over borehole, using hand-operated jacks. 3. Assembles and attaches specified cleanout tools, such as bailers and swabs, to cable, using wrenches. 4. Guides tools into borehole. 5. Pushes filled bailer to dumping position and unscrews bailer gate to dump mud, water, and debris removed from well. 6. Guides cable lifting tools from well onto hoist drum, using pinchbar. 7. Dismantles and cleans tools and equipment, using wrenches. 8. Oils and greases machinery. 9. Performs other duties as described under HELPER Master Title.


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