Clay Roaster Job

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Clay Roaster Job

CLAY ROASTER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends clay roasting kilns and auxiliary equipment in which clay, used as filter in treating oil, is cleaned and treated for reuse. 2. Adjusts temperature of rotary kilns in which clay is roasted, by regulating valves controlling gas or oil and air supply. 3. Starts, stops, and regulates speed of conveyors and elevators by which used clay is charged into kilns from storage bins. 4. Fires oil-burning or gas-burning steam heater to supply steam for treating clay before it is dumped from filters. 5. Checks weight per cubic foot of clay to determine whether it conforms to requirements, using spring balance. 6. Cleans lumps of fused clay from screens at outlet of kilns. 7. Oils and greases equipment.


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