Clamper Job

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Clamper Job

CLAMPER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Operates clamp to transfer designs from engraved dies to mills used in transferring designs to copper printing rollers: Positions die in fixtures on bed of clamp. 2. Mounts mill over die and turns handwheel to lower head of clamp against journals of mill, forcing mill against die. 3. Rotates die specified number of times equal to number of times design is to repeat around circumference of mill. 4. Examines impression of design on mill and determines from gap left between ends of impression amount reduction required in circumference of mill. 5. Starts machine that turns die against mill to produce indentations on mill. 6. Spreads acid-resistant wax over surface of mill and gradually increases pressure on head of clamp as die turns against mill, working wax away from area of mill corresponding to unengraved area of die. 7. Removes mill from clamp and spins mill in acid bath to etch waxfree area of mill, leaving waxed area of mill in relief. 8. Offsets head of clamp and works die against mill to round off end of design and make surface of mill oval to facilitate transfer of design from mill to surface of copper printing roller. 9. Examines raised design on mill through magnifying lens to verify sharpness of lines. 10. Inserts mill in heat-treating pot, fills pot with carbon-activated bonemeal, and places pot in electric furnace. 11. Turns thermostat to set temperature of furnace according to type of steel. 12. Removes mill from furnace at end of heating cycle, using tongs, and dips mill into brine solution to harden and temper steel. 13. Cleans mill with wire brush. 14. May operate engine lathe to reduce diameter of mill or to turn raised indentations off ends of mill.


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