Cistern-room Operator Job

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Cistern-room Operator Job

CISTERN-ROOM OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Controls regauging equipment from panelboard to reduce proof of newly distilled liquor in cistern tank before barreling: Reads charts to ascertain proof of liquor to be regauged, number of gallons to be regauged, and number of gallons of deionized water required to produce liquor of specified proof. 2. Pumps specified number of gallons of liquor and deionized water into cistern tank. 3. Opens valves to admit compressed air and agitate mixture. 4. Reads thermometer and alcohol-proof hydrometer during process and compares readings with standard gauging manual to determine final proof of liquor. 5. Pumps liquor into filling tanks for barreling or into railroad tank cars for shipment.


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