Circle Edger Job

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Circle Edger Job

CIRCLE EDGER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends edging machine that automatically pencil edges circular mirrors or glass used as table tops: Places template over workpiece and marks center of workpiece, using red pencil. 2. Moves switch levers to start suction pump and circle edging machine and turns valve to start flow of water to edging wheels. 3. Centers workpiece on suction cup of edging machine and depresses pedal to activate suction cup that locks workpiece into place. 4. Raises foot-controlled lever to engage motorized edging wheels to edge of workpiece and presses button to start revolving of workpiece against edging wheels to form pencil edge on workpiece. 5. Observes pencil edging process to ensure specified dimensions and to prevent breakage of workpiece caused by improper setting of motorized edging wheels. 6. Turns bolts to loosen motors, using wrench, and slides motors on tracks to correct setting. 7. Feels edge of mirror or glass to verify smoothness. 8. Removes workpiece from suction cup when edging is complete and places workpiece on rack.


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