Cigarette-making-machine Operator Job

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Cigarette-making-machine Operator Job

CIGARETTE-MAKING-MACHINE OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends cigarette-making machine that encases tobacco in continuous paper roll and cuts cigarettes from roll: Places roll of cigarette paper on spindle. 2. Sets monogram-printing device to print brand name on paper at specified position, using wrenches. 3. Regulates flow of shredded tobacco to ensure that cigarette contains specified amount of tobacco. 4. Fills ink and glue reservoirs. 5. Threads cigarette paper between guide rolls and adjusts friction tension on holding spindles, using wrench. 6. Starts machine and observes operation. 7. Reports malfunction to MACHINE ADJUSTER. 8. Cleans paper scraps and waste materials from machine, using brush. 9. Places coil of tipping material on spindle and fills hopper with filters when making filter-, cork-, straw-, or ivory-tipped cigarettes. 10. Replaces full catching trays. 11. May be designated according to type of cigarette as Filter-Cigarette-Making-Machine Operator.


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