Cigarette-and-filter Chief Inspector Job

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Cigarette-and-filter Chief Inspector Job

CIGARETTE-AND-FILTER CHIEF INSPECTOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Examines plain or filter-tipped cigarettes or filters to ensure that quality of product conforms to standards: Inspects cigarettes or filters produced to detect imperfections, such as loose ends, stems, stemholes, defective glue lines, and defectively attached filters. 2. Examines cigarettes, attached filters, and filters rejected by CIGARETTE-MAKING-MACHINE CATCHER and CIGARETTE INSPECTOR and discards inferior products. 3. Notifies CIGARETTE-MAKING-MACHINE OPERATOR of deviations from standards. 4. Records number of cigarettes found with defects and compiles summary production sheets. 5. Verifies and totals figures posted by CIGARETTE INSPECTOR.


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