Cigar-wrapper Tender, Automatic Job

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Cigar-wrapper Tender, Automatic Job

CIGAR-WRAPPER TENDER, AUTOMATIC JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends machines that automatically encase tobacco filler in layers of homogenized leaf tobacco to form cigars: Places rolls of homogenized leaf on spindles and guides leaf through tension guides and rollers of machine. 2. Starts machine that automatically wraps filler with binder, mouth end of cigar with reinforcing band, and bunch with wrapper leaf to form cigar. 3. Observes machine operation to detect malfunctions. 4. Turns setscrews to adjust feed rate, and stops and clears machine when jam-up occurs. 5. Examines cigars discharged from machine for defects, such as holes, tears, and insufficient filler, and for conformity to size specifications. 6. Loads inspected cigars into storage containers.


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