Chucking-machine Operator Job

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Chucking-machine Operator Job

CHUCKING-MACHINE OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Sets up and operates machine to shape ends of wooden parts to fit into sockets of implements, or into mortises of opposing wooden parts: Selects and installs cutting head, and adjusts knives, guides, and stops, according to size and shape of cuts to be made. 2. Verifies distances of settings and size of stock, using rule and calipers. 3. Clamps stock in feed-yoke or places stock on automatic fixture. 4. Starts machine and turns handwheel to feed stock into cutting head. 5. Withdraws stock when stop is reached. 6. May be designated according to machine operated as Double-End-Chucking-Machine Operator.


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