Chronometer-balance-and-hairspring Assembler Job

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Chronometer-balance-and-hairspring Assembler Job

CHRONOMETER-BALANCE-AND-HAIRSPRING ASSEMBLER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Assembles and trues balance and hairspring assemblies used in marine chronometers, using truing II calipers and watchmaker’s tools: Attaches hairspring to collet, using watchmaker’s tools. 2. Positions hairspring and collet assembly in truing calipers and bends hairspring to correct deficient truing, using tweezers. 3. Attaches stud to hairspring and screws balance staff into balance wheel. 4. Trues balance wheel, using truing calipers. 5. Fastens balance screws, weights, and timing screws in balance wheel, using screwdriver. 6. Inserts impulse and unlocking rollers in assembly. 7. Poises balance wheel, using truing calipers. 8. Connects hairspring and collet to balance wheel assembly, using watchmaker’s tools.


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