Chronometer Assembler And Adjuster Job

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Chronometer Assembler And Adjuster Job

CHRONOMETER ASSEMBLER AND ADJUSTER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Assembles, tests, and adjusts marine chronometers, using watchmaker’s tools and loupe: Assembles parts, such as plates, bridges, train wheels, mainspring, and fusee, in specified sequence, using tweezers and watchmaker’s tools. 2. Greases and assembles fusee and barrel assembly. 3. Tests assembled parts, such as fusee and barrel and train wheels for specified endshake, using tweezers. 4. Bends parts, such as bridges, to correct insufficient or excessive endshake. 5. Oils and greases bushings and other surfaces requiring lubrication. 6. Cleans parts, such as plates, mainspring barrel, and hands, using buff stick moistened with benzine. 7. Tests operation and fit of parts and subassemblies during assembly and makes adjustments to eliminate any improper fit or malfunctioning. 8. Changes timing weights on balance wheel to correct deficient timing and tightens or replaces loose jewels, using watchmaker’s tools.


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