Christmas-tree Farm Worker Job

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Christmas-tree Farm Worker Job

CHRISTMAS-TREE FARM WORKER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Plants, cultivates, and harvests evergreen trees on Christmas-tree farm: Removes brush, ferns, and other growth from planting area, using mattock and brush-hook. 2. Plants seedlings, using mattock or dibble. 3. Scatters fertilizer pellets over planted areas by hand. 4. Shears tops and limb tips from trees, using machete and pruning shears, to control growth, increase limb density, and improve shape. 5. Selects trees for cutting according to markings or size, specie, and grade, and fells trees, using ax or chain saw. 6. Drags cut trees from cutting area, and loads trees onto trucks. 7. May be designated according to seasonal task performed.


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