Chopping-machine Operator Job

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Chopping-machine Operator Job

CHOPPING-MACHINE OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends machine that chops and mixes ground meat into emulsion for use in making such products as bologna, meat loaves, sausages, and wieners: Dumps ground meat and premixed seasonings into chopping machine, using fork or hoist, or pulls lever to raise hopper and turns valve to feed meat trimmings into chopping machine. 2. Pours designated amount of premixed seasonings and water or ice into chopping machine to season, moisten, and obtain specified temperature of mixture. 3. Starts machine to mix emulsion to specified consistency. 4. Stops machine and pulls lever to lower center core of mixing bowl and discharge emulsion into pan or truck. 5. Scrapes emulsion from bowl. 6. May push truck filled with emulsion to stuffing machine. 7. May grind meat. 8. May add ingredients, such as pickles, olives, and pimentos to emulsion.


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