Chip Unloader Job

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Chip Unloader Job

CHIP UNLOADER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Unloads wood chips from railroad cars or trucks, using materials-handling equipment: Drives rail-mounted trackmobile to spot railroad cars on scale and on ramp above chip storage bins for unloading. 2. Records gross and net weight of car. 3. Releases bottom doors of car, allowing chips to fall into bin. 4. Starts conveyor that carries chips to stockpile or to inside storage bins. 5. Gathers sample of chips from each car for analysis. 6. Shunts empty cars to spur tracks. 7. Signals driver to position truck for unloading. 8. Attaches hoist cable and hook and starts hoist to lift loaded trailer from tractor bed. 9. Opens tailgate of trailer, allowing wood chips to fall into bin. 10. Lowers trailer onto tractor bed and secures tailgate. 11. May attach electric vibrator to side of railroad cars to dislodge chips that have become tightly packed in transit. 12. May unload barges.


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