Chimney Sweep Job

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Chimney Sweep Job

CHIMNEY SWEEP JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Cleans soot from chimneys: Removes pipe connecting furnace to flue, using handtools. 2. Cleans soot from chimney pit, using vacuum cleaner that automatically discharges into receptacle mounted on truck. 3. Cleans connecting pipes with brush, replaces pipe, and seals joints with cement. 4. Closes fireplace openings and other outlets to clean chimney from above. 5. Lowers weighted bag down flue, withdraws bag which expands and scrapes soot from lining of chimney. 6. Empties bag and inspects interior of chimney to ensure completion of cleaning process, using reflecting light of mirror. 7. May make oral or written reports to request services of CHIMNEY REPAIRER. 8. May brush interior of chimney, boilers, and furnaces.


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