Chimney Repairer Job

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Chimney Repairer Job

CHIMNEY REPAIRER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Cleans, repairs, relines, remortars, and modifies chimneys of private residences, according to home owners’ desires, using wire brush, hammer, chisel, trowel and mortar, brick, tile, metal pipe, and other handtools: Temporarily seals all openings into chimney to prevent soot leakage, using newspaper or plastic sheet and masking tape. 2. Climbs ladders to roof of building and lowers weighted wire brush or scraper on rope down chimney to remove soot adhering to inside of chimney or removes soot from trap at chimney base by hand or by use of vacuum cleaner. 3. Replaces loose or missing bricks or loose mortar. 4. Relines chimney with double-walled metal pipe, inserting pipe in sections from top, when converting to gas heat. 5. Cements outside of chimney in attic. 6. Makes any other masonry repairs to chimney, such as relining chimney with tile or refacing chimney with decorative stone. 7. May install dampers in fireplaces. 8. May widen fireplace opening and install fans at top of chimney to correct draft.


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