Chiller Operator Job

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Chiller Operator Job

CHILLER OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends chiller and centrifugal drier that crystallize diluted caustic soda solution and remove liquid from crystallized product: Starts pump to transfer caustic soda solution and water into dilution tank and determines specific gravity of diluted solution, using hydrometer. 2. Pumps solution through refrigerating unit and into chiller. 3. Observes consistency of crystallized slurry flowing from chiller to centrifuge, and turns valves to regulate feed rate and maintain slurry at specified consistency. 4. Tends centrifugal drier to remove liquid component of slurry. 5. May turn valve to heat centrifuge unit if machine is so equipped. 6. Inspects feed and outlet pipes of equipment and flushes lines, using hose, to prevent clogging.


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