Chemist, Food Job

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Chemist, Food Job

CHEMIST, FOOD JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Conducts research and analysis concerning chemistry of foods to develop and improve foods and beverages: Experiments with natural and synthetic materials or byproducts to develop new foods, additives, preservatives, anti-adulteration agents, and related products. 2. Studies effects of various methods of processing, preservation, and packaging on composition and properties of foods, such as color, texture, aroma, taste, shelf life, and nutritive content. 3. Tests food and beverage samples, such as starch, sugar, cereals, beer, canned and dehydrated food products, meats, vegetables, dairy foods, and other products to ensure compliance with food laws, and standards of quality and purity. 4. May perform, or supervise workers performing, quality control tests in food processing, canning, freezing, brewing or distilling. 5. May specialize in particular food or process.


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