Chemical Operator Ii Job

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Chemical Operator Ii Job

CHEMICAL OPERATOR II JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends equipment units or semiautomatic system that processes chemical substances into industrial or consumer products, such as detergents, emulsifiers, salts, bleaching agents, acids, and synthetic resins: Dumps specified amounts of solid materials into heating vessels or blending tanks; and turns valves to feed liquid and gaseous materials through equipment units, or sets controls in specified sequence on control panel to start automatic feed. 2. Turns valves or moves controls to maintain system at specified temperature, pressure, and vacuum levels. 3. Observes chemical reactions; monitors gauges, signals, and recorders; and receives notification from control laboratory, supervisor, or other workers to make specified operating adjustments. 4. Draws samples of products for laboratory analysis. 5. Maintains log of gauge readings and shift production. 6. May perform chemical tests on product to ensure conformance with specifications, using standard test equipment, materials, and procedure. 7. May be designated according to substance processed as Low-Chloride Soda Operator; Salt-Plant Operator; Sodium-Methylate Operator; equipment tended as Styrene-Dehydration-Reactor Operator; Tower Operator II; or reaction produced as Emulsification Operator; Precipitation Equipment Tender.


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