Chemical Mixer Job

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Chemical Mixer Job

CHEMICAL MIXER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends equipment that mixes chemicals for use in bleaching, cleaning, desizing, latexing, mercerizing, and finishing canvas goods, carpets and rugs, felt goods, and textile yarns and fabrics: Weighs or measures quantities of ingredients, such as peroxide, silica, caustic, solvents, emulsions, resins, starches, and detergents, following formula, and pours them into mixing tank. 2. Turns valves to admit water into tank up to mark on tank wall. 3. Starts mixer and allows solution to mix for specified period of time. 4. Turns valve to transfer solution from mixing tank to storage tank. 5. Tests solutions in storage tanks with hydrometer, viscosimeter, or by titration to detect variations from standards and adds appropriate ingredients to restore solution to standard strength. 6. Records test results, batches of solutions mixed, and chemicals used in each batch for production and inventory purposes. 7. May inject steam into solution to dissolve ingredients or cook solution to specified consistency. 8. May be designated according to solution mixed as Acid-Bath Mixer; Ammonia-Solution Preparer; Caustic Mixer; Gum Mixer; Latex Compounder; Size Maker; Soap Mixer; Waterproofing Mixer.


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