Cheesemaker Job

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Cheesemaker Job

CHEESEMAKER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Cooks milk and specified ingredients to make cheese, according to formula: Pasteurizes and separates milk to obtain prescribed butterfat content. 2. Turns valves to fill vat with milk and heat milk to specified temperature. 3. Dumps measured amounts of dye and starter into milk. 4. Starts agitator to mix ingredients. 5. Tests sample of milk for acidity and allows agitator to mix ingredients until specified level of acidity is reached. 6. Dumps and mixes measured amount of rennet into milk. 7. Stops agitator to allow milk to coagulate into curd. 8. Pulls curd knives through curd or separates curd with hand scoop to release whey. 9. Observes thermometer, adjusts steam valve, and starts agitator to stir and cook curd at prescribed temperature for specified time. 10. Squeezes and stretches sample of curd with fingers and extends cooking time to achieve desired firmness or texture. 11. Gives directions to CHEESEMAKER HELPER or other workers to make curd, drain whey from curd, add ingredients, such as seasonings, or mold, pack, cut, pile, mill, dump, and press curd into specified shapes. 12. Directs other workers who immerse cheese in brine or roll cheese in dry salt, pierce or smear cheese with cultured wash to develop mold growth, and place or turn cheese blocks on shelves to cure cheese. 13. Tastes, smells, feels, and observes sample plug of cheese for quality. 14. Records amounts of ingredients used, test results, and time cycles. 15. Makes variations in time cycles and ingredients used for succeeding batches. 16. Dumps specified culture into milk or whey in pasteurizer to make bulk starter. 17. May be required to hold state cheesemaker’s license.


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