Check Writer Job

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Check Writer Job

CHECK WRITER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Imprints payment data on checks, records payment details on check register, using checkwriting machine, and compiles summaries of daily disbursements: Receives checks and vouchers authorized for payment, selects specified check register form, and inserts form into checkwriting-machine slot. 2. Depresses buttons to transcribe payment data from voucher into machine. 3. Inserts blank check into additional slot and presses bar to imprint details on check register and check. 4. Removes check and repeats procedure to process batch of checks. 5. Turns key to release signature plate and removes plate when processing checks totalling more than designated amount and sets such checks aside for handwritten signature by authorized personnel. 6. Pulls lever to clear machine and print total on individual register. 7. Compares register total with total on adding-machine tape to verify accuracy of register totals. 8. Corrects errors or returns vouchers to other personnel for correction. 9. Compiles daily summary of payment amounts by bank, merchandise, and expense categories and totals amounts, using adding machine.


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