Chauffeur, Funeral Car Job

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Chauffeur, Funeral Car Job

CHAUFFEUR, FUNERAL CAR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Drives mortuary vehicles, such as hearses and limousines: Drives hearse to transport bodies to mortuary for embalming and from mortuary to place of funeral service or interment. 2. Helps PALLBEARERS to move casket from mortuary into hearse and from hearse to destination. 3. Arranges flowers in hearse. 4. Drives limousine in funeral procession, following prearranged schedule, to transport mourners. 5. Assists passengers entering or leaving limousine. 6. May clean vehicles prior to funeral. 7. May dust furniture and sweep floors in mortuary. 8. May be designated according to type of vehicle driven as Funeral-Limousine Driver; Hearse Driver.


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