Chaser Job

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Chaser Job

CHASER JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Directs placement of logs brought to landing by high lead rig or tractor and unhooks chokers from logs: Hand signals YARDING ENGINEER or LOGGING-TRACTOR OPERATOR where to drop logs on landing for reloading onto logging trucks. 2. Pulls end of choker from bell on choker cable to open noose. 3. Signals operator to pull choker free of logs. 4. Cuts knots and limbs from logs, using ax and chain saw. 5. Attaches equipment, such as chokers, lines, blocks, and fire equipment, to outbound rigging as indicated by whistle signals from RIGGING SLINGER. 6. May mark logs. 7. May be designated Cat Chaser in tractor logging operations or Water Chaser when working on floating logs.


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