Char-filter-tank Tender, Head Job

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Char-filter-tank Tender, Head Job

CHAR-FILTER-TANK TENDER, HEAD JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends char filter tanks that remove undesirable colloids from glucose and corn syrup: Signals FILTER-TANK-TENDER HELPER, HEAD to fill tanks with char and turn valves to start flow of syrup from storage. 2. Couples flexible pipe to filters to transfer solution to and from filters, or signals FILTER-TANK-TENDER HELPER, HEAD to couple pipe. 3. Collects sample of solution to examine color and measure density, using hydrometer. 4. Reads thermometers and directs workers to turn steam valves to maintain specified temperature. 5. Directs workers engaged in washing activated carbon and informs CHAR PULLER when to remove char.


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