Char-filter Operator Job

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Char-filter Operator Job

CHAR-FILTER OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work – 1. Tends bone-char filters to remove soluble impurities and nonsugars from sugar-liquor solutions: Directs CHAR-FILTER-OPERATOR HELPER in filling filter tanks with bone-char and liquor. 2. Inspects installations to ensure that hoses are connected to specified manifold pipe. 3. Posts data on blackboard relating to filter operations, such as starting and ending time and quality of liquor being filtered, filters broken down for char regeneration, and filters being washed to recover sugar in char. 4. Notifies other stations when changing filter hookups to ensure flow of specified liquor. 5. Directs helper in removing filter heads, poking filters to break up layers of diatomaceous earth, and changing manifold setups to ensure continuation of refining.


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